Microsoft’s Performance Max Now Available Globally: What You Need To Know

Want more results with less effort? Performance Max campaigns are available globally on Microsoft Advertising since March 5 and here’s all you need to know.

Microsoft Advertising launched its powerful Performance Max campaigns available globally on March 5, 2024.

“If you’ve imported a Performance Max campaign from Google Ads that originally came over as a smart shopping campaign or dynamic search ads campaign, we’ll upgrade it to a PMax campaign in phased approaches over the next few weeks,” Microsoft said in a statement.

“If you are currently using a third-party platform that does not yet support Performance Max, they will continue to be imported as smart shopping or DSA. In the coming months, we’ll be adding many new capabilities to our Performance Max campaigns such as brand exclusions, search insights reports, search themes, and video assets.”

The PMax campaigns host a trio of powerful new features:

  • Brand exclusions: Get more control by excluding searches for your own brand names from your PMax campaigns. With the power of brand exclusions, your ads won’t compete with organic brand listings and your budget will be optimised to reach new audiences.
  • Search insights reports: Gain deeper insights into how your PMax campaigns are performing on search terms. Understand which search queries are resonating with your target audience and potentially identify new keyword opportunities.
  • Video assets: PMax will now support video assets to showcase your brand and offerings in a more engaging format. This can significantly increase the reach and impact of your PMax campaigns across Microsoft’s vast search network.

What is Performance Max?

Performance Max is a game-changer for advertisers seeking to simplify campaign management and maximise results. 

  • Automate ad creation and optimisation: Simply provide PMax with various creative assets like text, images, and videos. With the power of AI, it automatically generates different ad combinations and delivers them to the most relevant audience across Microsoft’s vast network – including Bing, Yahoo, and Outlook.
  • Reach your ideal customers: PMax intelligently analyses user data and search behaviour to ensure your ad reaches the right people at the right time. This targeted approach helps maximise conversions, whether your goal is driving sales, generating leads, or increasing brand awareness.

By combining user-friendly automation with AI-powered targeting, PMax empowers advertisers to achieve their marketing objectives more effectively.

Why Performance Max Stands Out?

Performance Max offers a compelling solution for advertisers on two fronts:

  • Effortless Scalability: Reach a wider audience with ease. PMax automates ad placement across various channels, eliminating the need for manual configuration and optimisation. This is ideal for busy marketers or those with limited resources.
  • AI-Powered Optimisation: Focus on strategy, not tactics. PMax utilises AI to optimise your campaigns for conversions, whether it's driving sales or generating leads.  While some may prefer greater control, PMax empowers you to trust the data and focus on strategic marketing decisions.

Launching Your PMax Campaign: A Streamlined Process

Microsoft PMax offers two convenient ways to get started:

  • Import with Ease: Already using Google Ads? Streamline your workflow by importing existing campaigns directly into Microsoft Advertising. This allows you to leverage your existing creative assets and campaign goals for a smooth transition to PMax.
  • Build from Scratch: Prefer a fresh start? No problem! Simply follow these three easy steps:
  • Define Your Goals: Tell PMax what matters most to your business.  Do you want to drive sales, generate leads, or increase brand awareness? PMax optimises your campaigns for your specific conversion goals.
  • Fuel the AI Engine: Provide PMax with a variety of creative assets like text headlines, images, and (coming soon!) videos.  The more options you offer, the more PMax can personalise and optimise your ads for maximum impact.  Microsoft Advertising’s AI will even analyse your final URLs and suggest additional creative recommendations to expand your reach.
  • Target Smartly (Optional): While not mandatory, providing audience signals can significantly enhance your campaign's effectiveness. Tell PMax the demographics and interests of your ideal customers, and its AI will prioritise reaching those users across the Microsoft Search Network. This jumpstarts the learning process and helps PMax optimise your campaign for conversions faster.

By following these steps, you can easily activate PMax and harness the power of AI to simplify your online advertising and achieve your marketing objectives.

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