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Delivering performance driven paid social campaigns with measurable results. At 360 OM, we’re experts in Paid Social innovation with a core focus on achieving digital performance marketing objectives with tangible return on investment.

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Our Process

When planning your Paid Social strategy, we carefully consider the best place for your brand across all social platforms. We work closely with your team to fully understand your brands message and what KPIs need to be delivered.

We then dig deep into your target audience, segmenting across the funnel and consider all data options available to you. We integrate customer lists, pixel insights and 3rd party data while always prioritising the lifetime value of your customer for maximum impact.

Our campaigns are developed and built with scalability in mind while we test, learn and optimise across all possible variables.

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Driving Performance Through Paid Social

Performance Driven Paid Social

Whether your objectives are to generate leads, transactions or drive app installs, we use real data to shape campaign strategy and deliver measurable performance across paid social.

Cross Platform Activation

We find the right fit of platforms for your brand. Continuous analysis allows us to understand where your audience is and focus on reaching them when they are ready to take action.

Audience Segmentation

Our approach is to reach high value prospecting customers, increasing awareness of your brand, and to retarget them to drive action and build brand advocacy with existing customers.

Creative Testing

Our test and learn methodology with creative formats, content and call to action aims to make the biggest impact when connecting with your audience.

Bid & Budget Optimisation

We are experts in optimising for profitability. Our team’s extensive experience in biddable media allows us to work with your budget and KPIs to achieve the greatest ROI.  

Reporting & Insights

Paid social plays an important part of the user journey to conversion. We integrate third party tracking solutions such as DCM and GA to help you understand the true value of your campaigns.

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