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We help mobile app brands drive digital growth through Google Ads App Campaigns. At 360 OM, we design, implement and optimise Google Ads App campaigns with App Install specific goals or KPIs in mind.

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Drive User Acquisition With Google Ads App Campaigns

Google Ads App campaigns deliver more than 50% of all app Installs from paid media today. Google Ads App campaigns are a great way to find new users and paying customers for your mobile app. At 360 OM, we are experts in Google Ads App campaigns, controlling your target goals, budget, bids and location targets. We will optimise your campaigns & maximise your advertising ROI. Our App specialists stay up to date with Google updates for app campaigns & understand the importance of analysing ad assets and updating assets and text based on performance.

At 360 OM, our UAC Specialists will work with you to understand your app acquisition objectives and KPIs, develop a strategy and optimise campaigns for maximum potential. Ready to start your Universal App Campaign project?

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Accelerate Your User Acquisition With Google Ads App Campaigns

Strategy Planning

Work with a UAC Specialist and optimise your campaigns, targeting and performance. We will work with you to evolve your campaign strategy and deliver growth, through consistent optimisations and testing.

Creative Excellence

Google Universal App campaigns have no keywords, ad assets are even more important than ever here. We focus heavily creative assets, performing meticilous testing and optimisations.

Tracking & Measurement

We will review that all your tracking and in app events are implemented correctly. If you can’t measure results, you can’t increase them!

Campaign Optimisations

We optimise your UAC campaigns with variations of ads creatives, different ad sizes, negative keywords and optimizing bids and budgets to deliver the maximum return on your ad spend & maximum efficiencies in your UAC budgets.


We can give feedback on your current performance and growth plans or create one for you. You’ll receive detailed weekly/monthly reports on campaign performance, insights on how many Installs and In app actions achieved by your campaigns.

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