Google Performance Max for Marketplaces: The Easy Way to Advertise Without a Website

Google’s Performance Max for Marketplaces simplifies online sales for sellers by allowing them to advertise products without a website. This opens Google Ads to a wider range of sellers, potentially boosting their reach and sales.

Good news for sellers on e-commerce platforms! Google has launched Performance Max for Marketplaces, a new advertising program that simplifies product promotion across Google’s vast advertising network.

The biggest perk? Sellers can now ditch the need for a separate website or a Google Merchant Center account to get started. This eliminates a hurdle that previously limited smaller sellers or those focused solely on marketplaces.

What is Performance Max for Marketplaces?

“Performance Max for Marketplaces helps you reach more customers and drive more sales of your products using a marketplace,” writes Google in their blog. “After you connect your Google Ads account to the marketplace, you can create Performance Max campaigns that send shoppers to your products there.”

This move by Google reflects their recognition of the growing dominance of online marketplaces like Amazon for product discovery. With Performance Max for Marketplaces, they’re offering sellers who already leverage these platforms a powerful new tool. 

It unlocks access to Google’s vast advertising ecosystem and empowers sellers to reach potential customers actively searching or browsing across the web, significantly expanding their reach beyond the confines of a single marketplace.

Unlocking Wider Reach and Potential Sales Growth

With Performance Max for Marketplaces, sellers can tap into Google’s extensive reach. This includes placements across Search, Display, YouTube, Gmail, and Discover, putting their products in front of a massive audience of potential customers actively searching or browsing online.

This broader reach translates to the potential for significant sales growth, especially for sellers who may have been limited to organic traffic within the marketplace itself.

Top Benefits of Performance Max for Marketplaces

Performance Max for Marketplaces unlocks a game-changing advantage for sellers. Not only does it eliminate the need for a separate website or Google Merchant Center account, but also showcases your products across Search, Shopping, YouTube, and more, reaching a massive audience beyond the marketplace itself. 

With automated campaign optimisation, your products are seen by the right people at the right time, maximising your reach and sales potential.

Effortless Campaign Creation

  • No Website Needed: Ditch the website hassle! This program lets you launch directly from your marketplace, removing a barrier for smaller sellers or those without a dedicated website.
  • Use Existing Data: No need to manually build ads. Performance Max seamlessly pulls product information, prices, and images straight from your marketplace listings, saving you time and ensuring accuracy.

Enhanced Performance and Reach

  • Google’s Automation Powerhouse: Performance Max utilises Google’s AI to automatically optimise your campaigns across various Google Ads channels like Search, Shopping, YouTube, Display, and Discover. This ensures your products reach the right audience at the right time.
  • Detailed Performance Insights: Track your campaign’s success with comprehensive reports within Google Ads. Gain valuable data on clicks, impressions, and conversions to measure your ROI.
  • Unleash Broader Visibility: Go beyond the marketplace walls. Reach a wider audience actively searching for products or browsing online. Performance Max maximises your exposure, potentially driving significant sales growth.

Overall, Performance Max for Marketplaces simplifies campaign creation, leverages automation for optimal results, and unlocks a much broader audience for your marketplace products.

How It Works: A Step-by-Step Guide

Are you in? Performance Max for Marketplaces requires two things: a seller account on a supported marketplace and a Google Ads account (which is free to create if you don’t have one already).

Here’s how it works.

Eligibility and Setup:

  • Connecting the Dots: Once you’ve confirmed eligibility, simply link your Google Ads account to your supported marketplace. This creates a seamless bridge for campaign creation.
  • Campaign Command Center: With accounts linked, head to your Google Ads dashboard. Here, you'll craft your Performance Max campaign, directing traffic straight to your marketplace product listings.

Performance Tracking and Reporting:

  • Marketplace Magic: Conversion tracking for your campaigns is automatically handled by your chosen marketplace. This ensures accurate attribution of sales driven by your efforts.
  • Focus on Your Wins: Performance Max reports only track sales of your products, not those from other sellers on the marketplace who clicked through your ad. This provides a clear picture of your campaign’s effectiveness.
  • Dive Deeper: For a more granular understanding of conversion events tracked by your marketplace, simply reach out to their support team. This additional data can help you further optimise your campaigns for maximum impact.


  • Performance Max streamlines the process – no need to manage a separate website or Google Merchant Center account.
  • Google Ads’ powerful automation ensures your products are seen by the right audience across various channels.

Unlocking New Growth Opportunities

Performance Max for Marketplaces empowers sellers in several ways:

  • Level the Playing Field for Smaller Sellers: Previously, standard Google Shopping campaigns could be complex for smaller retailers. Performance Max simplifies the process, allowing them to compete for valuable ad space without needing a separate website or Merchant Center account.
  • Expand Your Reach Beyond the Marketplace: Break free from the marketplace walls! Reach a wider audience actively searching or browsing for products across Google Search, Shopping, YouTube, Gmail, and Discover. This unlocks significant potential for customer acquisition and sales growth.
  • Uncover Hidden Demand: By leveraging your entire marketplace catalogue for ad targeting, Performance Max can identify new customer segments you might not have reached before. This allows you to tap into previously undiscovered pockets of demand, maximising your product exposure.

The Future of Marketplace Advertising

While the success of Performance Max for Marketplaces hinges on adoption by major marketplaces, it presents a powerful new tool for sellers. Its execution and integration with platforms like Amazon and Walmart will be key factors in its ultimate impact. However, the potential for streamlined advertising, broader reach, and increased sales is undeniable.

Performance Max for Marketplaces is currently in its early stages, and availability is limited to select marketplaces. To see if your preferred platform is currently supported, you can easily check with their seller support team. 

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