360 OM’s Genevieve Poultney Aims to Raise £2,000 for Shelter at the London Marathon

Genevieve Poultney is taking on the London Marathon in April 2024 to raise money for Shelter, a UK charity fighting for the right to safe homes. With over 17 million people facing the housing crisis, Shelter provides vital support and advocates for change.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. For Genevieve Poultney, that first step translates to 42 kilometres – the daunting distance of the London Marathon. This April, she pounds the pavement, not just for her personal challenge but to raise £2,000 for Shelter, a remarkable charity fighting for the right to a safe home for everyone in the UK.

For most of us, “home” represents a sanctuary, a place of comfort and security. But for millions in the UK, this fundamental right remains elusive. A staggering 17.5 million people find themselves trapped in a housing crisis, facing unaffordable, unfit, unstable, and discriminatory living conditions. This reality, more than just a statistic, is a national emergency with devastating human consequences.

Shelter stands at the forefront of this fight, offering a lifeline to those struggling with homelessness. They operate critical hotlines, provide crucial advice and support, and advocate for systemic change to address the root causes of the crisis. Their work resonates deeply with me, and running the marathon became an opportunity to contribute to their mission in a meaningful way.

“I have never run more than 27 km so this is going to be a huge challenge for me,” says Genevieve. “While I’ve always enjoyed staying active, tackling a marathon is a whole new level of challenge. Training has already begun, and my legs are already whispering tales of the hard work ahead. But fueled by the knowledge of the impact my run can have, I lace up my shoes with determination and a healthy dose of nervous excitement.”

Genevieve’s goal is to raise £2,000 for Shelter, and any donation, big or small, will make a significant difference. Your contribution could be used to answer a desperate call from a family facing eviction, provide legal assistance to help someone keep their home, or advocate for policies that create secure and permanent housing for all. “Every step I take on the marathon route will carry the weight of your support and the collective hope for a future where everyone has access to a safe haven,” she says.

“This journey is not just about pushing my physical limits; it’s about raising awareness and taking a stand against the injustice of the housing crisis. It’s about standing in solidarity with those facing unimaginable hardship and supporting the organisation that empowers them,” she says.

Support Genevieve as she strives towards the finish line as a collective step towards a future with safe homes for everyone.

The Senior Account Manager aims to raise £2,000 through her journey and every donation will contribute towards answering emergency calls, providing legal aid, and advocating for secure housing. 

Support Genevieve's fundraising efforts by making a donation.

To know more about the London Marathon, click here.

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