Growth At The Gherkin: 360 OM and SegmentStream Co-Host Exclusive Breakfast Event

An exclusive event, ‘Growth at The Gherkin’, hosted by 360 OM and SegmentStream, offered a power-packed morning of actionable insights for brands and an eclectic networking opportunity for marketing experts.

The exclusive event ‘Growth at The Gherkin,’ co-hosted by 360 OM in partnership with SegmentStream, blossomed into a resounding success on Wednesday, May 22, 2024!

Nestled at one of London’s most iconic venues, The Gherkin played host to a morning of insightful discussions and networking with leading digital marketers. Designed for performance-driven marketers, this exclusive event equipped attendees with the latest trends and best practices to refine their strategies and unlock maximum impact for their brands. 

It was the ideal setting for industry leaders—CMOs, Marketing Directors, Performance Marketers, eCommerce specialists, and Digital Strategists—to connect and exchange ideas.

The buzz continued even after the final toast, as Tariq Mohammed took to LinkedIn to share, “Yesterday, we co-hosted our first in person thought leadership breakfast event: ‘Growth At The Gherkin’ in partnership with Pavel Petrinich and SegmentStream. 

Top Highlights from ‘Growth At The Gherkin’

‘Growth at The Gherkin’ was a wonderful opportunity to sharpen marketing strategies and gain insights from industry leaders and build valuable connections that fuel growth.

Here are a few highlights that Tariq mentioned:

  • Charismatic and insightful opening talk by Kwanele Nomoyi of Google on the topic, ‘The AI Powered CMO: Winning the Conversion Race’. He unveiled how artificial intelligence is revolutionising marketing, driving unprecedented growth, and redefining success for businesses across industries. Don’t miss this essential keynote for any leader seeking to stay ahead in the digital age.
  • Matthew Lawson of Ribble Cycles delivered another outstanding presentation, engaging the audience with his expert insights. His talk ‘What Data Matters When Building a Brand’ was full of insights on measuring the true ROAS of Top of Funnel campaigns, as well as tips on optimising digital ad performance when dealing with long sales cycles.
  • Ben Ó Mathúin (Mahon) moderated an amazing panel discussion on measurement in a privacy-first world, featuring Rebecca Rangeley, Measurement Lead UK, Pinterest, Charlotte Skornik, Head of Client Measurement UK, TikTok, Camilla Tress, Growth Marketing Lead, Oliver Bonas and Sergey Volchkov, Sr. Global Director, Farfetch.

He also expressed his sincere gratitude to all the attendees and the team that brought the event to life.

  • To everyone who attended, we didn’t just have great brands attend, we had great people.
  • To our incredible speakers and sponsors Lunio and Opteo for making this event possible.
  • To Pavel Petrinich for being a great co-organiser and pushing me to do this event, we went from a small CMO dinner idea to two founders filling out The Gherkin within a few weeks.

Overall, the event was a great opportunity for marketers to learn from the best, network with colleagues, and gain valuable insights into the latest trends in performance marketing. 

A huge thanks to the sponsors of the event, Opteo and Lunio.

Thanking Guillaume Devinat, the founder of Opteo, and his fantastic team, Tariq wrote on LinkedIn, “We’ve been using Opteo at 360 OM for over a year now, and it helps our teams optimise their workflow for managing advertising accounts. I’m very impressed with their commitment to the product roadmap and improving their offerings continuously which now includes an advanced N-gram tool. All this makes Opteo a valuable partner for our event.”

He also wrote, “We’re very happy to be announcing Lunio as a key sponsor for our Growth At The Gherkin breakfast event. Lunio is a great partner. Like ourselves, Lunio hates wasted advertising spend. This event wouldn’t be possible without their support.”

To see all the pictures from the event, click here.

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