360 OM Attends Invitation-Only ‘Think Global’ Conference At Google Dublin

360 OM attended the recent invite-only ‘Think Global’ conference hosted by Google in Dublin. As a valued Google Ads PremierPartner, it was a fantastic platform to discuss industry-wide trends, market insights, and the future roadmap for Google products.

360 OM was among the select few invited to attend Google’s ‘Think Global’ marketing conference held on March 20-21, 2024, at The Foundry in Google’s EMEA HQ. The invitation-only conference brought together over 200 leading marketing minds from around the world and Tariq Mohammed, Founder and CEO of 360 OM, was among them.

Our Premier Google Partner status grants us access to select, exclusive events throughout the year. The speakers included Edoardo Bortolato, International Growth Director at Google, Kenneth Cukier, Deputy Executive Editor at The Economist, Gopi Kallayil, Chief Business Strategist AI at Google, Aarthi Scott Managing Director, UKI Hub at Google and more.

In a captivating LinkedIn update, Tariq shared the most thought-provoking insights from the event. “This week I had the pleasure of attending Think Global 2024 at Google Dublin. There was plenty of content, connections and conversations.”

Recounting the top highlights, he wrote:

  • It was fascinating to hear from Mireia Minguez Carbonell on MANGO international growth journey running activity in 100+ markets.
  • Applying behavioural science localisation practices in EU5 markets can drive growth and the importance of employing behavioural science creatively and responsibly. Great talk by the Google team.
  • AI was a common theme across the event. and how it can accelerate efficiency in localisation using Google Cloud to provide brands with competitive advantage across all stages of global operations.
  • An insightful panel discussion with Richard Burgess from Just Eat Takeaway.com and Alessandro Manni. I can only imagine what the JET media accounts look like. So many considerations across territories, hyper local localisation, ad platforms and much more.
  • I also enjoyed the talk by Kenneth Cukier from The Economist, which shed light on key trends impacting the global landscape, so businesses can be agile and react to them.

Key Takeaways from the Driving Profitable Growth in the US Market Talk

Is your brand considering activation in the US? Here are some key reasons to consider the US market:

  • Largest Economy: The US boasts the world’s largest economy, offering a vast market for businesses.
  • High Disposable Income: US households have a high disposable income, indicating a strong consumer base willing to spend.
  • Ease of Doing Business: The US is known for its relatively easy business setup process.
  • Global Ad Spend Contribution: The US accounts for a significant portion of global Google Ad Spend, contributing nearly 50% despite only generating 16% of search queries.
  • Cost-Per-Click: The cost-per-click (CPC) for advertising in the US is, on average, 59% higher compared to the EU5 countries.

7 Tips for Successful US Market Activation

Tariq Mohammed shed light on the secrets to success in the US market, outlining a strategic roadmap with seven key elements for businesses determined to thrive.

Here are some insights from his strategy, which focuses on understanding the nuances of American consumer behaviour:

  • Payment Methods: Ensure the relevant payment methods are available. The US primarily performs transactions on Credit cards and eWallets such as PayPal, Venmo, Apple Pay and Google Pay.
  • Regional Segmentation: Recognise the cultural and linguistic variations across US regions. Tailor your approach to resonate with specific audiences. 
  • Brand Building: Brand awareness plays a role and significantly impacts conversion rates in the US. Allocate budget for building brand recognition alongside non-brand advertising efforts. 
  • Target Hispanic Audience: The US has over 63 million Hispanic population and 13% of the population use Spanish as their primary language at home. Consider a dedicated strategy targeting such audiences.
  • Customer Support: Ensure your customer support strategy is in line with US expectations, with 71% of Americans preferring email or contact form support.
  • Regional Purchase Variations: Average order values and return on ad spend (ROAS) can be impacted by regional buying habits. Consider these variations while planning your campaigns.
  • Review Management: Pay attention to reviews, consumers in the US are more likely to read reviews before making a purchase. 

Are you contemplating international market expansion, or have you already achieved success in the US market? 

360 OM emphasises their commitment to using the valuable insights gained from Think Global to empower their clients’ international growth strategies. Their expertise in launching and managing media activations in new markets positions them as a valuable partner for businesses seeking global expansion.

Need a fresh perspective? Let’s talk.

At 360 OM, we specialise in helping businesses take their marketing efforts to the next level. Our team stays on top of industry trends, uses data-informed decisions to maximise your ROI, and provides full transparency through comprehensive reports.

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