5 Reasons Why Your Brand Need More Views From YouTube

There’s no better time than now to push your YouTube channel. Through targeted YouTube Ads, you can reach previously untapped segments beyond reach through conventional marketing channels. Here are 5 reasons to tap into the true power of YouTube Ads.

As the world’s second-largest search engine, YouTube empowers you to build trust and brand awareness with a massive audience. Through targeted YouTube Ads, connect with individuals actively seeking solutions your products or services provide. 

YouTube views are more than just a metric; they are an invaluable currency to build brand awareness and consideration. Each view signifies a potential customer engaging with your message, a crucial step in the path to purchase and growth.

Amongst all YouTube ad formats, Cost-per-View (CPV) bidding offers the highest impact on brand consideration, demonstrating viewers’ genuine interest in your brand.

This power has been evident since the introduction of skippable ads thirteen years ago. These ads offered advertisers a transparent measure of engagement — they only paid when viewers chose to watch the ad for at least 30 seconds. Today, YouTube goes beyond traditional in-stream ads, allowing brands to reach viewers across diverse formats like in-feed and Shorts. 

The latest evolution of CPV campaigns, Google AI-powered Video View Campaigns (VVC), further enhances this capability. This AI-driven solution optimises your budget to maximise viewership, ensuring each paid view holds similar consideration potential across formats.

In essence, Google AI on YouTube simplifies and amplifies your brand consideration building efforts. It empowers you to reach the most receptive audience at the perfect moment with the right message across all environments.

Here are the key improvements that will help push your brand growth:

  • Focus on brand consideration: Goes beyond views to measure genuine interest.
  • Simplified approach: Google AI optimises campaigns for maximum impact.
  • Multi-format reach: Engages viewers on diverse platforms like in-feed and Shorts.

By leveraging YouTube’s AI-powered VVC campaigns, brands can build robust consideration and pave the way for successful customer journeys.

The Power of Attention: Why YouTube Views Matter for Brands

Beyond mere numbers, views on YouTube hold significant value for brands, signifying audience engagement and fostering brand consideration. 

Recent reports suggest that viewers consistently rank YouTube as the top platform for exceptional content, talented creators, and compelling storytelling. This dedication stems from YouTube’s unique ability to provide entertainment, information, and community connections unmatched by other platforms.

Furthermore, YouTube has transformed into a multi-screen, multi-format powerhouse, catering to diverse viewing preferences and offering flexibility like never before.

What does the power of YouTube Ads mean for brands?

Storytelling lies at the heart of effective advertising, and YouTube allows brands to craft persuasive narratives, connect with relevant audiences, and deliver captivating stories with unmatched reach. 

Did you know 64% of YouTube users pay more attention to ads on the platform compared to other mediums?

This heightened engagement creates fertile ground for brands to cultivate brand consideration and drive positive audience sentiment. Each view signifies an opportunity to connect with a receptive audience, potentially influencing their perception and leading them further down the purchase funnel.

Here are 5 reasons why brands need to make a strong presence on YouTube:

  • Deeper Connections Beyond Likes and Follows: 
  • YouTube fosters deeper audience engagement compared to other platforms.
  • Compared to passive scrolling on other platforms, YouTube fosters active engagement. 
  • Comments, likes, shares, and watch time paint a vivid picture of audience interest, allowing for meaningful two-way interactions and lasting relationships.
  • Craft Compelling Stories To Captivate Hearts and Minds:
  • Compelling storytelling resonates with viewers, driving brand consideration.
  • On YouTube, you can forge emotional connections that static content often struggles to achieve. 
  • By weaving brand narratives into captivating videos, you tap into the power of storytelling to drive brand consideration and emotional attachment.
  • A Buffet of Creative Options to Suit Every Taste:
  • Use product demos, behind-the-scenes glimpses, explainer videos and influencer collaborations to reach more people.
  • YouTube’s diverse formats offer endless possibilities to tailor your content to specific audience segments and campaign goals. 
  • Experiment, explore, and discover the perfect format to connect with your ideal customers.
  • The Views are Just the Beginning: 
  • YouTube’s diverse formats offer brands unique opportunities to connect with target audiences.
  • Leverage your views to build communities, spark conversations, and nurture genuine connections.
  • By harnessing the power of YouTube views and leveraging its storytelling capabilities, brands can unlock substantial potential to engage with audiences, build brand loyalty, and ultimately achieve marketing goals.
  • Establish Brand Authority and Thought Leadership:
  • YouTube allows brands to showcase their expertise through insightful, educational, and informative content.
  • Participating in discussions and Q&A sessions fosters genuine interaction, allowing brands to address audience concerns and solidify their authority.
  • Collaborations with experts and influencers further enhance credibility and reach a wider audience seeking industry insights.

3 Key Principles To Unlock Brand Consideration on YouTube

Building brand consideration on YouTube goes beyond simply accumulating views. Three distinct factors contribute to genuine audience engagement and deeper interest in your brand:

1. Engaged Attention: 

YouTube prioritises true engagement by defining views based on longer watch durations: 30 seconds for in-stream ads and 10 seconds for in-feed & Shorts. This ensures viewers actively connect with your message before triggering any billing. 

Additionally, YouTube’s sophisticated audience targeting technology identifies individuals most likely to engage with your brand story, maximising impactful impressions.

2. Data-Driven Insights: 

With billions of active users, YouTube boasts exceptional data depth. This allows us to understand audience behaviour and preferences better than ever, enabling powerful “brand lift” signals. 

These insights inform our algorithms to optimise campaigns, delivering your message to the most receptive audiences across various formats — in-stream, in-feed, and Shorts — effectively driving brand consideration uplift.

3. Trust & Authenticity: 

Viewers value the genuine connection they feel with YouTube creators, appreciating their authenticity and relatability. By leveraging this powerful community environment, your brand gains access to a highly receptive audience seeking meaningful connections. 

Additionally, YouTube’s commitment to brand safety ensures your message appears in a trusted and positive environment, further enhancing audience receptiveness.

Here’s how Video View Campaigns (VVC) amplify this approach:

  • Skippable Ads: Viewers actively choose to engage with your brand, demonstrating genuine interest.
  • Reach & Efficiency: VVC delivers 40% more views and 30% lower cost than traditional in-stream CPV campaigns, maximising your budget's impact.
  • Consideration Lift: Among skippable ad formats, CPV bidding within VVC drives the highest brand consideration lift, fostering deeper audience connection.

Harness the power of modern storytelling with Video View Campaigns, optimised for maximum viewership. Inspire brand desire and build meaningful connections with your audience, starting today.

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