Power of Google Ads App Campaigns

So if you have a mobile app that you’re looking to promote, could Google Ads app campaigns be the answer?

When we think of PPC, mobile apps might not be the first thing that springs to mind. But with the ever-growing app market across iOS and Android alone, it’s a platform we should be taking more seriously and the introduction of Google Ad’s app campaigns, launched as universal app campaigns (UAC) back in 2015, has allowed us to do that.

Are they really that powerful in terms of increasing brand awareness and driving installs? Well, in short, the answer is yes.


The introduction of Ad Groups for app campaigns last year was likely met with cries of delight from account managers everywhere due to the increased number of variables to optimise campaign performance. As well as creative testing, expanded ad text fields allow users to upload up to five headlines and character descriptions, an increase from the previous two. The flexibility to increase performance engagement on adverts as they are running is a huge step forward to increasing ROI and continues to solidify Google Ads as a key player in PPC.

At 360 OM we’ve been working with Google Ads App campaigns since its inception and we’ve seen the difference it can make for a business in terms of both user growth and in app actions. One app campaign we specifically worked on was with Ubeeqo, a global specialist in car-based mobility solutions under the Europcar brand, to increase user acquisition volume in eight different markets across Europe at a profitable cost per first time user.

Through the implementation of app campaigns in Google Ads to drive growth in app installs for Android and iOS, alongside the integration of further app install campaigns such as Facebook Ads, Apple Search Ads and AppsFlyer, Ubeeqo benefitted from a 650% increase in registrations.

A major advantage for Google Ads app campaigns is that it allows brands and marketing teams to not only optimise for quality app installs but also for in-app actions and lifetime value. It’s no longer enough to drive up the number of people who download an app to their device - brands want to see that consumers are performing actions, whether that’s playing a game or booking a room somewhere. With Google Ads and an integration of an attribution partner, it’s possible to ensure that.

Are you a brand that has an app that you need to promote but you aren’t sure where to start? You can book a free app strategy session with one of our App Acquisition Specialists by emailing info@360-om.co.uk.

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