Meta’s Advantage+ & Shopping Ads Gets Smarter: 9 Upgrades You Need To Know About

Meta’s latest updates are designed for ads that address consumer concerns and build trust. Some new features include: transparent product information, social proof, and clear CTAs.

Meta recently upped its Advantage+ and Shopping Ads with a suite of updates to help advertisers win their customer’s trust. These upgrades focus towards increased engagement, boosted conversions, and hyper-personalised ad experiences.

With the right tools to build trust and confidence, consumers will feel comfortable enough to make a purchase after seeing an ad. This shift in focus suggests Meta understands the need for a seamless buying journey to combat purchase hesitancy.

Meta Boosts Conversions with Advantage+ Ad Upgrades

Most advertisers use Meta’s Advantage Suite to get the best results from their ads. And guess what? Daily watch time for videos on Meta’s apps is up over 25%, and people are sharing Reels a whopping 3.5 billion times a day. 

Shedding light on its latest upgrades, Meta said in a statement: “Shoppers want to make faster purchase decisions without the need for outside help or guidance. We’re introducing new AI-powered tools that provide more information and personalisation to people at the moment of discovery to give them the confidence to make a purchase after seeing an ad.”

Here are the latest upgrades you need to know about:

Automatic Video Optimisation and Dynamic Ad Variations

Meta’s Advantage+ creative optimisations are getting a major upgrade with automatic video optimisation and dynamic ads. 

This powerful feature now boasts two key functionalities:

  • Effortless Reels and Mobile Feed Optimisation: Say goodbye to video resizing! Advantage+ will now automatically transform your video ads into the perfect format for Reels, mobile Facebook and Instagram feeds. Don’t worry about the 9:16 aspect ratio – Advantage+ takes care of it all, and ensures your message looks flawless.
  • Dynamic Ad Tailoring for Maximum Impact: Tired of showing the same ad to everyone? Advantage+ makes your ads unique for each person. This feature automatically generates multiple variations of your ad, and shows it to viewers based on individual preferences. 

Branded Videos and Dynamic Product Information

The latest update to Advantage+ catalog ads enhances the visual storytelling experience. Here are the top tools advertisers now have at their disposal:

  • Showcase Your Brand with Compelling Videos: Static images were yesterday’s news. Now you can add short, eye-catching videos from your brand to your Advantage+ ads! This lets you showcase your brand personality, product features, and customer benefits in an engaging way.
  • Bring Products to Life with Personalised Video Content: Take product storytelling to the next level with personalised video content. The powerful algorithms of Advantage+ tailor product information videos for each individual viewer. This highlights specific features relevant to their interests and creates a more immersive and engaging ad experience for each shopper

AI-Powered Hero Images & Personalised Product Selection 

Advantage+ catalog ads are getting smarter with AI-powered hero images. The innovative feature allows advertisers to upload a central image that sets the tone for the ad. Here’s the magic: Meta’s AI dynamically curates a selection of products from your catalog to surround the hero image. 

These are tailored to each individual viewer based on their browsing history, interests, and demographics. With this AI-powered feature, users get a selection of highly relevant products with a higher chance of driving conversions.

Wider eCommerce Integration and Collaboration

Meta is making a big push to simplify and expand eCommerce advertising options for businesses. Here are the key highlights:

  • More Brands Can Leverage Shops Ads: Previously limited to select platforms, Shops ads are now accessible to a wider range of businesses thanks to expanded integrations with Magento and Salesforce Commerce Cloud. This allows merchants to create and manage Shops ads directly within their workflows.
  • Power Up Sales with Advantage+ and Shops Ads: Advertisers can now combine the powerful targeting and optimisation capabilities of Advantage+ shopping campaigns with the direct shopping functionality of Shops ads. Brands can now reach the right audience with highly relevant product selections and directly drive immediate purchases.
  • Partner Up and Sell More with Partnership Ads: Imagine a fashion influencer showcasing your latest collection where viewers can purchase items directly – that’s the power of Shops in Partnership Ads. Formerly known as Branded content ads, this update empowers businesses to collaborate with creators, brands, or other businesses to run co-branded campaigns. 

Reminder Ads Drives Conversions and Expands Reach

Meta is enhancing Reminder ads to become even more powerful tools for driving conversions and audience engagement. 

Here’s a breakdown of the exciting updates:

  • Boost Sales with External Links: Previously limited to promoting internal events, Reminder ads can also add external links. This allows advertisers to direct users to new product launches, special sales, or landing pages, creating a more direct path to purchase for interested viewers.
  • Enhanced User Notifications (Coming Soon): Want reminders of your upcoming events? Meta plans to include features like in-app notifications or personalised messages ensuring maximum user awareness and engagement.
  • Reminder Ads Arrive on Reels (Coming Soon): To expand the reach of Reminder ads beyond the feed, Reels has a brand new feature to create reminder campaigns. This opens doors for creative ways to connect with audiences and build anticipation around upcoming events or product launches.

Global Promo Codes for Facebook and Instagram Ads

Meta is rolling out alphanumeric promo codes globally for Facebook and Instagram Ads. 

This innovative feature empowers businesses to:

  • Showcase Promotions Effectively: Promo codes provide a clear way to advertise special offers and discounts directly within your ad creative. This will boost audience interest and encourage them to take action.
  • Simplify Code Discovery for Users: Gone are the days of frustrating searches for promo codes. Meta now helps users discover valid promo codes seamlessly within the ad itself. This frictionless experience removes a potential hurdle and streamlines the path to purchase.
  • Drive Measurable Results: Meta isn’t just making things easier, they’re also providing data to back it up. According to their findings, using promo codes in Advantage+ ads lowered the average cost of getting a sale by 9.1% and boosted sales by 10.1%. 

Product Tags Expand to Facebook Feed and All Businesses

Meta is creating a more frictionless shopping experience across Meta’s platforms with a two-pronged approach to product tags in ads:

  • Facebook Feed Gets Shoppable (March): Get ready to see shoppable ads in your Facebook feed! Starting in March, Meta will introduce ads with product tags, a feature currently exclusive to Instagram. This update allows users to discover and explore products directly within the Facebook feed.
  • Product Tags for All (April): In April, Meta plans to expand product tags in ads to all businesses globally. This means even businesses without a dedicated Facebook Shop can leverage the power of product tags to showcase their offerings and drive sales directly within their ad creative. 

Enhanced Insights and Potential for Advantage+ Integration

Meta is giving its Collaborative Ads a shot in the arm with two key updates designed to boost their effectiveness:

  • Deeper Performance Visibility: Advertisers can now leverage more granular insights into the performance of their Collaborative Ads campaigns. This will allow for better optimisation and a clearer understanding of how the partnership is driving results.
  • Unlocking New Potential with Advantage+ (In Testing): Meta is exploring the exciting possibility of integrating Collaborative Ads with Advantage+ shopping campaigns. Imagine a retailer’s partnership with a fashion influencer to reach the most relevant audience for both parties. 

Advantage+ Catalog Ads with Powerful Reporting for Retail Media Networks (Coming Soon)

This spring, Meta is set to launch a game-changer for retail media networks: Advantage+ Catalog Ads with comprehensive reporting capabilities. This innovative managed service solution is designed to empower these networks with comprehensive reporting that drives both online and offline sales.

Why This Matters

Staying ahead of the curve with Meta’s advertising features is crucial for success. 

These updates offer the potential to:

  • Expand Your Reach: Advantage+ uses Meta’s powerful targeting capabilities, ensuring your ads reach the most relevant audience possible.
  • Boost Conversions: The combination of AI-driven optimisation and comprehensive reporting empowers you to fine-tune your campaigns for maximum conversions.
  • Gain Valuable Insights: In-depth reporting provides a clear picture of campaign performance, allowing you to make data-driven decisions and optimise your advertising strategy for long-term success.

By embracing these advancements, retail media networks can position themselves as powerful partners for brands looking to drive sales across all channels.

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